Raccoon Predators: What Animals Eat Raccoons?

Raccoons are found in many parts of the world. They are obnoxious animals for your garden and domestic pets. Raccoons not only harm your fruits, plants, and pets, but they can sometimes attack you.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals. They mostly surface during nighttime. The animals that prey raccoon include coyotes, Owls, dogs, foxes, cats, wolves, and eagles. These animals attack raccoons whenever they find an opportunity to inflict harm upon them. However, primarily they eat various other mammals, but the raccoon is also one of their prey. The following animals are the main predators of raccoons.


Raccoons are very afraid of coyotes. Coyotes mainly feed on carrion. However, they can easily prey and kill adults or young raccoons. A single coyote can kill a sizeable sized raccoon. Moreover, people use coyote’s urine to derive away raccoons. It shows that coyotes are a significant threat to the life of a raccoon.

Large Owls

It has been revealed that owls also live on raccoons. Usually, owls eat small creatures to satisfy their hunger. The main prey of owls includes mice, rats, and opossums. Nevertheless, owls also love to eat juvenile raccoons. Owls can quickly attack alone raccoon at the nighttime. As both predators, as well as prey, are nocturnal animals. Hence, owls face no difficulty in hunting on raccoons.


Wild dogs also prey raccoons. Dogs outside homes kill raccoons and eat their flash. Raccoons are unable to run fast amidst perceived threat. Hence, dogs capture raccoons easily and kill them with sharp teeth. Moreover, dogs often feel hungry due to insufficient availability of food. This prompts them to kill raccoons and other animals.


Foxes are very cunning predators. They prey to various creatures. The primary victim of foxes includes rabbit, snake, and raccoon. Therefore, foxes rely mostly on raccoons for their food. Foxes are large, and they can run fast. It helps them hunt raccoons effortlessly.


Wolves are very ferocious animals. They are carnivorous and prey on a variety of animals. Most of the time, wolves hunt large animals in groups. A single wolf loves to eat raccoons. It is because catching a raccoon does not require much effort on the part of the wolf. Wolves also kill various creatures such as fish, hare, and beavers. To get rid of raccoons, people harrow raccoons with the urine of wolves.


Another enemy of the raccoon population is a cat. Large cats prey hunt raccoons. Generally, raccoons are found in mountainous regions. Bobcats and pumas may slay raccoons and eat their flesh. They can target both young and adult raccoons. Cats enjoy eating raccoons because they are easy to capture.

Raccoons are small creatures with black cover around their skin. They hunt insects and small domestic animals. However, therefore many animals that predate raccoons. Coyotes, foxes, wolves, and cats are the main predators of raccoons. Raccoons are easy to prey as they become active during nighttime. Raccoon being small in stature is easy to target animals. Mostly raccoons roam singly; therefore, they are exposed to predators.

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